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Unwind and calm your senses by taking advantage of our services at Her Gifted Hands in Beachwood and Independence, Ohio. We can work with anyone dealing with stress, pain, and muscle ache or soreness. If you need to relieve yourself from physical discomfort or reduce anxiety and tension, worry not as we can provide you with a range of services. We do not offer memberships or charge you cancellation fees. Life happens and we want you to be confident that we are there to take great care of you. The services we offer are listed below:


The 30 minute Rockstar Hot Stone Express Teaser- $40 (reg $45) allow yourself to stop and pause for a moment of rejuvenation. This mini teaser helps to relax your muscles, relieve any pain when you only have a moment to spare which could be done on your lunch break. The areas we address are the neck, shoulders and back.

The Rockstar! Hot Stone Massage.

  • 60 minutes- $90 ( reg $100) this massage leaves you feeling like you want to melt away! It eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation with smooth massage stones that are worked in with our techniques. They are used on key points of the body to relax the muscles.

  • 75 minutes-$105 (reg $110) this is an extension of the 60 minute massage but allows your body to relax even longer and take in the heated therapy even longer with smooth, gliding strokes.


Signature Ahhhhh Relaxation Massage

  • 60 minutes- $75 this is a Swedish massage that uses smooth, gliding strokes and uses a slower pace to use light to firm pressure. It helps to relieve stress and tension in the body.

  • 75 minutes- $90 this is an extension of the 60 minute  Swedish massage but allows more time to use slower, more controlled techniques on the body to help relieve stress and tension in the body. 

Couples Massage- Independence Only 
(1/2 deposit required & 48 hour notice)to schedule -non refundable

Our Signature Ahhhh Couples massage are a delight for both individuals to relax, refresh and rejuvenate with this Swedish massage that uses smooth and gliding strokes with light to firm pressure to relieve any tension, stress and pains in the body.

60 minutes- $145 ( $160 this includes 1 hour massage, mimosa , specialty chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries or fruit and cheese tray)

                  The Rockstar Hot Stone Couples Massage ( Independence Only)
      ( 1/2 deposit required & 48 hour notice to schedule-non refundable)

 Our Rockstar couples session is an extension of the Signature Ahhhh couples massage but this session leaves you feeling like you want to melt away! It eases muscle stiffness and tension, relieves pain, increases circulation and aids in faster recovery of the muscles. The stones are used on key points of the body for relief and relaxation. 60 minutes- $155 ( $170 includes glass of mimosa , specialty chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries or fruit cheese tray)

2 of the Same Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation with this massage. Relax while 2 massage therapist soothe away the tension, pain and stress in your body at the same time. You'll leave feeling like your in a state of bliss and rejuvenation! 60 minute signature-$160, 60 minute hot stone-$175

Prenatal Massage (2nd & 3rd trimester only)


During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes some incredible changes. Getting a massage helps to reduce stress, relieve backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and  decrease swelling leaving mom to be feeling relaxed and amazing- 60 minutes $70

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage is designed to relieve pain and is designed for your specific needs. We use a combination of techniques and the right amount of pressure to address your problem areas. Deep tissue can be used in this session to address deeper problems if needed. Your body will leave feeling stress free and a release of chronic muscle tension- 75 minutes $ 80



Add a sense of well being by incorporating one of our selections of our essential oil to your session. It is the most powerful healing agents the natural environment has to offer. They offer the most natural way for you to prevent and treat ailments of your own. --    -Add $10 additional to your session   

Package Specials: Get 3 signature ahhhh massages for $165 (reg $195) for a limited time only

 Get 3 Rockstar Hot Stone massages for $225 (reg $270) for a limited time only

Purchase our two sessions of 2 of the same massages for $295 ( reg $320) for a limited time only

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