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Thank you for your interest in our establishment. While we appreciate your purchase with Groupon please note the restrictions listed below in using your voucher

Groupons are for New Clients only. If you have been to our establishment before and you repurchase another voucher, it will not be honored and you will have to contact Groupon Customer Support to request a refund. You can however pay us directly for the price advertised at the time of the promotion

Only one voucher can be used per new client. If more than one has been purchased it will not be honored however it can be gifted to another person to use 

Two separate vouchers cannot be purchased to use as a Couples/Two person massage at the same time or back to back appointments

All clients need to complete our Client Intake Waiver Form with emergency contact information before discussing scheduling an appointment or availability in order to get booked as soon as possible

Vouchers can not be used for special holidays such as Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Day

To be fair to all of our groupon clients who book with us within the alotted time vouchers have a 4 month time frame of usage before they expire, if you have contacted us after the expiration date, the voucher still can be used for the promotional value paid but you will pay the difference of the original cost of service

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