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"An Experience Worth Repeating"

Where you truly matter!

**Check our availability before purchasing please and thank you! Call to schedule, quicker response through Text messaging. Also see for Groupon Usage on policy page**

How to book with us...Call or Text to receive script, complete the steps from the script, make your payment, email confirmation will be sent...That's it! Simple and fast! NO IN PERSON BOOKING

Did you know.. we offer relaxing foot soaks as a add on service ? Did you know  we take HSA, FSA, HRA insurance... Inquire about details 


Say Goodbye to Stress and Body Pain

Say Goodbye to Stress and Body Pain

 Ladies feel rejuvenated as you indulge in a unique and relaxing setting provided by Her Gifted Hands LLC in Independence Ohio. We offer an array of services to help loosen up all the tight areas of your body. There are many stresses that we deal with on a daily basis whether it be work, home or life in general. If we don't take time to disconnect from the demands that can make our lives seem overwhelming, if we lose sight of what brings us peace, relief and relaxation, we risk paying the ultimate price eventually.... by burnout or even pain. Let us help you relieve your muscle soreness, tension and pain. Rest assured that you’ll be feeling relaxed and stress free after the massage session where your experience matters. Give yourself permission to take a vacation of relaxation on our table! We also offer Spa days for our ladies to hang out with your girlfriends and unwind for birthdays, mommies to be, bridal and just because!

Release, Relax, Unwind

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