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10 Tips to Get the Most From Your Massage

Posted on 21 October, 2017 at 14:35 Comments comments (8)
Here are a few tips to consider if this is your first massage or your fourth or fifth. We want you to have a personable and relaxing experience when you come in to get a massage. Your massage practitioner is their to ease your mind in any concerns you may have. Don't be afraid to communicate if you have any questions. This way each individual knows where the other person is coming from and they will have an enjoyable experience! 1) Be receptive 2) Don't have a full belly 3) Be on time 4)Undress to your level of comfort 5) Communicate your wishes 6) Breath 7) Relax body and mind 8) Drink water afterwards 9) Ease out of treatment 10) Follow a treatment plan

The Benefit of Hot Stone Massages

Posted on 14 September, 2017 at 21:10 Comments comments (1763)
Did you know that getting a Hot Stone Massage is extremely beneficial for the body. Hot Stone Massage is a unique variant of massage therapy that uses heated stones as part of the massage in order to release tension from the body and calm the nervous system. The heat in the stones allows us to work the muscles more deeply without some of the discomfort that is sometimes associated with deep tissue massage. Hot Stone Massage is a distinctive experience that will deeply relax your aching and tired muscles and calm the mind!